Research & Development

Research & Development

All industrial processes and technical achievements are preceded by an extensive and costly research and development effort. Everything that is produced lateron or applied on a large scale, first has to be carefully researched, tested and developed.

The installations, equipment and/or vacuum components needed for such R&D efforts may of course vary in size and/or capacity. Hence we also develop and manufacture customized products specifically for R&D purpose, involved in the entire process from the very beginning.  We consider ourselves to be your partner in innovation. 

In this way we acquire valuable experience from which our partners in the industry also ultimately benefit.

  • R&D Processes

    Extensive research & development often precedes great technological breakthroughs and advancements. Vacuum technology plays an important role in many research fields such as high energy physics, space research, surface & material sciences and many more. A broad variety of vacuum components and solutions is required to meet the challenging demands of our customers. With a long history in collaboration with major research institutes, national laboratories, universities as well as scientific instrument manufacturers, we are able and the right partner to provide the necessary vacuum expertise, experience and equipment. A broad portfolio of vacuum components and customized systems specifically for R&D applications will help our customers to meet their R&D goals.