Vacuum Systems

Tailor-made vacuum solutions start with a good customer dialogue …

Together with our customers, we develop worldwide individual products and services around the implementation of vacuum pumps aimed at providing a full solution.
The scope of our solutions here spans from custom bundling of products and services to handling of complete value-added processes.
We deliver to you solutions for your vacuum engineering tasks whereby we cover every aspect – from engineering to after sales service.

We deliver custom solutions for your specific requirements.
Frequently the requirements are so exceptional that smooth operation is
fully dependent on the vacuum technology.  Space simulation chambers for the
engineering assessment of materials for space shuttle flights or for the largest
mass spectrometer of the world are only two examples, which require consulting,
design and technology on the highest level.
Wherever you are – we are at your side.
Thanks to our worldwide centres of competence we have available solution experts who thus are also close by you at all times. Through this  network, we not only ensure a direct and close contact with our customers but also maintain through this network uniform global quality standards.
For us, the aspirations of high quality imply a comprehensive customer service as well as consulting and engineering services. In connection
with highly complex systems, which are chiefly deployed in production facilities, the engineering service plays a central role.